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Cancer Zodiac Sign: Strengths, Weaknesses, sign and dates

The Cancer zodiac sign is known for its sensitive and nurturing qualities. Those born between June 21st and July 22nd fall under this water sign, which is ruled by the Moon. In this article, we will explore the unique characteristics and traits of Cancer and how they impact the lives of those born under this sign.

Emotional and Intuitive

Cancers are often referred to as the emotional and intuitive sign of the zodiac. They are deeply connected to their emotions and have a strong intuition that guides them through life. This intuitive nature often leads them to make decisions based on their gut feelings rather than logical reasoning.

Cancers are also known for their ability to empathize with others. They are highly attuned to the emotions of those around them and are often the first to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Their nurturing nature makes them excellent caregivers, parents, and partners.

Protective and Loyal

Cancers are fiercely protective of their loved ones. They will do anything to keep them safe and secure, even if it means putting their own needs aside. This protective nature can sometimes make them come across as clingy or possessive, but it is all rooted in their deep love and commitment to those they care about.

Cancers are also incredibly loyal. They value their relationships and will go to great lengths to maintain them. They are known to be some of the most dependable and trustworthy friends and partners in the zodiac.

Creative and Imaginative

Cancers have a strong creative streak and an active imagination. They are often drawn to the arts, including music, writing.

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